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These days, cyber criminals are everywhere, stealing millions from unsuspecting Internet users.


You may have installed the latest anti virus program and believe you are fully protected, when your antivirus scans your files and reports that  you are 'fully protected'', or worse still you are not sure what anti virus is, so you don't have an anti virus program installed on your computer


The unfortunate truth is that most hackers and internet thieves know all about your swish anti virus package, how it works and how to get around its 'protection'


You see most anti virus programs will try to alert you when you visit a website that attempts to download a virus to your computer. But the  main tool that hackers use are called keyloggers, which are designed to bypass anti virus programs, these are small pieces of code that  download to your computer, without you knowing , when you visit websites and quietly work in the background stealing all of your personal information and passwords and sending them over  the internet to the hacker!! 


Worse still, every time you click on links in emails that are sent to you and nothing seems to happen, or you open an email, it could be a keylog virus that instantly downloads to your    computer and immediately goes to work 24/7 logging every keystroke you make and sending it to thieves and robbers.


Want more information? click here to read an extract from a keyloggers notebook



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