What are Keylogger Spying Software & How to use them for hacking remote PC Step by Step


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Keylogger is a simple software that records the key sequence and strokes of your keyboard into a log file on your machine while it remains hidden. These log files might even contain your personal email IDs and passwords. Many keylogger also record screen shots of your screen continuously so they capture whatever you open, normally paid antivirus detects  and remove them but some pro keylogger might go undetected by many pro antivirus. Pro Keyloggers also send all of these recordings to the hackers email whenever victim connects to the internet.


You Can Hack all Personal Data including Bank Accounts

Keylogger is one of the main reasons why online banking sites give you an option to use their virtual keyboards.Keyloggers work well because they’re simple. They just take raw information – keystrokes – and ship them out of your computer to a third party. The information they send doesn’t have to take up much bandwidth, and it can be logged quickly without any apparent performance impact on the target PC. Most users infected with a keylogger will never know it unless an account or credit card is hijacked.
 There are two kind of Keyloggers:

  1. Software keylogger

  2. Hardware keylogger

 Software keylogger are malware like programs, which can run invisibly in the system and they record screenshots, keylogs, passwords etc, then they send that to hackers email through mail. whereas hardware keylogger need physical access to install as its just like a USB and mostly will not work as the owner of PC will discover it.

Limitations: Need Physical Access or Victims Click for installation (Link Deleted)

You can Download Keylogger Here

Remote Installation/ How to Use keylogger for Hack

Mostly Pro Versions of Keyloggers allow you to make a setup that will be installed remotely with just one click, here we discus what you need for fool proof plan of hacking through keylogger, i am going to discuss everything using Ardamax keylogger, However you can use any;

Step # 1 : Make Notepad Error Message file & Convert it to .exe
Step # 2 : Deactivate your Antivirus then Download & install Pro Version keylogger
Step # 3 : Make .exe setup for remote installation of keylogger
Step # 4 : Bind Both files
Step # 5 : Change icon & name
Step # 6 : Send as Attachment with Email or by other means Downloadable
Step # 7 : Do some Social Engineering So your victim should once click the file

Now Let's Get Started.....

Make Malware out of Keylogger

Step # 1 : 

Open Notepad by going to windows start menu and write x=msgbox("Error")
then save it on desktop or anywhere you are making file, save as Vbs select all files
this error message will be displayed when victim will click on it, you can change it to any message you want, then you need to convert this into .exe file, for that go to google search Vbs to exe file converter or do it

Step # 2 :  

You Need to have keylogger with option of remote installation, like Ardamax.
to Download Ardamax keylogger or any Choose from
 List of keyloggers  (Link removed) & install it after deactivating your Antivirus, as your anti-virus flag it as malware as you're making kind of malware.  right click on keylogger icon on your PC toolbar, and Register it.

After registration, Click on remote installation, a new installation popup will appear with options that will make an installation setup. just start, Ardamax keylogger will give you an option to Append a file in start which you have created in step#1, So just choose that Notepad exe file.This will also complete step # 4 if you're using Ardamax keylogger.

Step # 3 :

 Now complete the remote installation setup, choose from options what to monitor like keystroke, screenshots ( screenshot interval etc) and enter your email to whom keylogger will send you logs with email login information, you can create a new email for own security, at end you will have an exe installation setup.

Step # 4 : 

Now need to bind Notepad error msg exe file with keylogger exe file, if you're using Ardamax you already have done this in step#1.

If you're using some other keylogger then you will need Software application binder like shockwave app binder, search google to get software.

Step # 5 : 

Change icon of both files using resource hacker separately and change name of files like virus removal tool or whatsoever you think your victim will trust and click.

In Ardamax you can change icon while making this setup but for other you will need  some software like Resource hacker,
 Download it here

Now your Malware is ready...when victim will click this file which apparently look like geniune an Error message will be displayed and keylogger will be installed silently. you can also setup auto destruct date & time in the setup, that's cool.

Note: Both files should remain in one folder to work

Step # 6 :

Now you can send this file to victim by many means, easiest one is to email with attachment of this malware. otherwise you can also make a temporary web page with download link, in this case your download link can be a shared link of your keylogger folder which you have uploaded online to some cloud serve or Gmail drive etc.

Step # 7 : 

Do some social engineering in your email, or on your web page, so that a victim will think he/she really need that software and it is Authentic Software as you can change name & icon ... you can say this is free version of software( any popular paid software) or can say activated version of Pro software version. whatever this topic can be expanded too much but i am not teaching social engineering here, i am just giving you a way to do things.


You're all done, now when victim once click on it, it will be installed silently and work invisibly sending you victim's screenshots, web came photos, key logs and every activity of the victim.


This is totally illegal and unethical, we're not recommending you to do this in any way, if you do we aren't liable as here i am giving this information as a way to let people know how these things work, so you can avoid it to happen to yourself.

You can be secure only if you know your weakness and you guard your weak point..

Think before installing keylogger remotely as a malware, what if the same somebody will do to you?!! Obviously nobody will like that his/her privacy go public..totally public!!

Please feel free to ask anything about Keylogger & malware remote installation hacking by commenting below or through our Contact us page.

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